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We Make everything but money

Been here six, going on seven years. Previously owned and operated The Black & White Hamburger Shop (downtown Little Falls), which is now an upscale restaurant with a wine bar and snazzy menu. I'm more pedestrian -- although I cross the street on red lights from time to time. 

Zoomski's is a smaller venue. Seats about 20. (Hey, gimme a break. I'm 67 years old.) Outside seating in the summer. It's decorated with live hanging vines (all over the ceiling). Even though it was principally a coffee shop with espresso and some sandwiches, wraps, and baked goods, I've added a full breakfast menu. I have some biscuits and gravy fanatics for customers, but there's also The Big Breakfast (left to your imagination), omelets, pancakes... yada yada yada. A full breakfast menu.

Even though I bake apple pie and make a killer chocolate cake (that's what it's called, "Killer Chocolate Cake" -- the ganache, heavens! the ganache), our baked goods usually revolve around raspberry white chocolate scones and killer chocolate chip cookies. Yes, "killer". I've totally failed as a criminal in life so I use the word "killer" to appease my dark side.

For the locale, we have quite a few vegetaraian and/or vegan offerings. "More Vedge Than You Can Shake A Steak At!"

Did I mention soups? I make great soups. Best around. Vegetarian chili, Gazpacho, Beef Barley, Chicken dumpling, Chicken wild rice, Hungarian mushroom (killer!), Zesty lentil, Navy bean, Split pea, Tomato basil, Sausage kale... and others, too! 

- Ronald Lyschik



Ronald and Carolyn Lyschik